Everyone knows how brutal Iowa winters can be. Thankfully, there is BrrrFest to look forward to every January. Last weekend we attended the 4th annual BrrrFest in Coralville, Iowa. This event promotes Midwest breweries and allows over 2,000 people to sample beer together at the Marriott Exhibit Hall. Not only is craft beer one of our passions, but two of our current clients exhibited their beer! Confluence Brewing Company has been a part of BrrrFest for the past 3 years and New American Brewing Company made their debut this year.


As a tribute to one of our favorite industries, we produced The Beerd Calendar — a calendar that celebrates the Iowa craft beer industry and their glorious beards. We handed out copies of the freshly printed calendars at BrrrFest and gave participating breweries first access to the final product. We have plenty more on hand so if you are as passionate about beer and beards as us, send us a line and we’ll make sure you get one.

We can’t wait for next year!

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