Help us celebrate Iowa, craft beer and craft brewers’ impressive facial hair by participating in the 2015 Iowa Craft Beerd Calendar! We’re producing it for FREE and giving it away to brewers just to show our love and support of Iowa craft brewing.

Our calendar will be in a poster format, where you see all months at once. That will make it super useful for you to map out brewing schedules, note events and more. We’re also going to make it informative for consumers with content like brewery terms, beer styles, pairing suggestions, tasting characteristics, etc.

If you agree to participate, you’ll get your mug on the calendar, a mention of your brewery and a few FREE copies.

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Here’s what you do:


Step 1:

Grow a beard.

Step 2:

Take a high-quality photo of yourself or someone at your brewery who has an epic beard. You can also do a small group of two or three bearded brewery people. Take several photos! If you have no high-quality photo ability, contact us and we’ll figure this out together.

Step 3:

Submit said photos by DECEMBER 12. Be sure and let us know who is in the photo, what he or she (we’ll explain in a second) does at your brewery. Photos and info can be emailed to or (if under 10mb) can be uploaded to


Await delivery of your FREE copies of the awesome 2015 Iowa Craft Beerd Calendar in January 2015.

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Wait a second! What if you want to participate but 1) can’t grow a good beard 2) have a beard-hostile significant other 3) work in an anti-beard environment or 4) are female?

Let’s get creative… either doodle in a beard on your photo (or we’ll do it for you!). Or, honestly, we’ve seen some of you wearing fake beards before which is an encouraged solution to a #BeardFail photo situation.

Why are we doing this? Because we love Iowa and craft beer and thought it would be a fun way to celebrate both at once … along with showcasing your impressive beard-ability.

Remember, this is all FREE. No strings. No obligations. Our goal is to include every Iowa brewery. Just send us your best beard photo and we’ll take it from there and send you back some cool calendars.

You in? Questions?

Contact us and let us know if you’re in or if you have any questions!

Now … toss those razors and get growing!

Sincerely, 818 and Relief Writer