Iowa Beer Picks Right Now

the best in the state (from the experts)

The 818 team loves good beer, and breweries around our beloved state are pumping out some quality brews you must try. Tabulating the greatness going on in Iowa is getting more difficult with the speed of new releases, but we were up to the challenge. Below is a quick run-down of our current favorite beers, and your order at next week’s happy hour!

Rachel’s Pick: Victory Dance

My favorite right now is Singlespeed’s Victory Dance. I love it and am always into traditional American IPAs. I do like dance parties and will do a dance while drinking Victory Dance any day.” – Rachel


Melissa’s Pick: Juniper Satori

“My favorite right now is Juniper Satori by Madhouse Brewing Company. I really enjoy this sour saison because of the complexity of flavors & aromas — it is so interesting & different! And, with the unfortunate news of their closing in September, you better grab this while you can! (And, can you grab me some too?!)” -Melissa


Megan’s Pick: A-Two-Hoo

“Singlespeed’s A-Two-Hoo knocks it out of the park. I don’t know what magic they put into this beer but it tastes just like a delicious, tart cherry Tootsie Pop and I’m never going to say no to that.” -Megan


Kate’s Pick: OG

“I am in love with Peace Tree Brewing Company’s Orange Gose. As a die-hard sour fan, it’s one of my top choices at happy hours these days. The flavor of the orange zest is so tart, fruity, and delicious. It’s just so amazing… aanndd now I am craving it.” -Kate


Dylan’s Pick: Lemon Trail

“This is tough, but I’d have to say Exile Lemon Trail. The Indian coriander and Lemon Drop hops make it super refreshing. It’s a great summer drink, but is too good to be seasonal (make it year round!).” -Dylan


Bree’s Pick: Des Moines IPA

“Confluence Brewing Company’s Des Moines IPA has always been my fail-safe choice when I’m craving the comfort and consistency of a good beer. While I may go through a different beer phase every month or so — exploring different regions, styles, brands, and flavors — I can always count on Des Moines IPA to be there for me when I’m ready to come home.” -Bree


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