A year ago, Friday we hired Paige Kleckner as a Designer and Director of Awesome. 

We asked her a couple of questions to recap her first year at 818:

Q: Who is your favorite coworker? 

A: Barb the stuffed sloth because she just likes to hang out (and Melissa is making me say this).

Q: What has been your favorite project? 

A: New American Brewing’s beer labels. I had quite a heavy hand in this project (literally, as I hand carved the logos). They are an awesome client and its amazing to see something I helped create on shelves at local retailers like Hy-Vee and at beer festivals. 

Q: What is your favorite memory from the last year?

A: One time we drove a compact rental car to the top of a mountain on a unmaintained road, survived and then got burgers at Tommyknocker Brewery afterwards. The roadtrip to Colorado was an awesome experience. I got to know Melissa and Rachel better outside of work, went on many recon missions and learned a lot about the craft beer industry.

Q: What are you looking forward to most in the next year? 

A: An intern.

For real (from this March-July) To apply, send a cover letter, your resume and portfolio to design@818iowa.com!

Q: What is your favorite hand drawn project? 

A: I can’t even choose. In one year I’ve tackled projects that required drawing a dragon, a pig, a dinosaur, a sloth, us as tacos on a bike, a knight and a reindeer.

Q: Favorite coffee shop downtown? 

A: My new discovery is Scenic Route in the East Village. 

Q: What are you looking to overcome next year? 

A: I’m excited for the opportunities to learn more about environmental graphic design and to expand my skills with After Effects and web design.

Q: What’s your favorite Pantone Color?

A: Pantone 142 (I’ve got matching pants)