Melissa and I have talked about taking over the world (what we commonly refer to as going into business together) almost as long as we’ve known one another. So how did we get there?

We met each other long after we knew about one another. We both interned at the same office… Melissa was the fall intern and I took the summer shift. When I was in the office, everyone would talk about how awesome and talented Melissa was. And she claims the same happened regarding me when she was working there. Without ever meeting, we were basically fighting for the same position. This is how we first became nemeses nemesi nemesises nemeses.

Flash forward 3 years. I am a full-time graphic designer at this same office. And guess who applies to our open graphic design position — Yep. Melissa. I think we were both hesitant at that point about how meeting and working together would go. Would we end up fighting for the same position again? Or could we work together? The answer surprised us both — we almost immediately became besties.

Since then, we have worked together, for others and on our own. And it’s been awesome. So, when Melissa was freelancing full-time last year and I was helping more often on nights/weekends, we decided to talk about our dream of taking over the world more seriously. And here we are.

We are excited about the work we are doing, who we are doing it for and about the opportunities to come. Stay tuned!