First and foremost, THANK YOU: Without awesome clients and great projects to put our creative energy into, 818 would not exist. Looking back on this first year has made us feel so blessed. What a privilege it is to be involved in the inner workings of so many locally owned, small businesses and be a part of their success.

Thank you for your support! Happy Holidays! Let’s get coffee and plan for the New Year.

Looking Forward: Rachel and I are planning for an exciting 2014! We’ve recently made a few updates to our website so be sure to take a look around. The empire may be tiny, but our capabilities are big. Did you know…

818 is a design studio that focuses on 3 key areas:

  • Environmental graphics: 
 We seek to work with architecture firms, large corporations, colleges and universities on implementing branding into their spaces through large format or dimensional graphics.
  • Graphic services for breweries, restaurants and the hospitality industry:
  Continue to serve Iowa breweries while expanding regionally.
  • Brand development: Create a compelling identity starting with a new or existing logo to all projects that fall in line with branding, re-branding and brand expansion.

We set ourselves apart by being both highly talented and easy to work with and will continue to give the high level of customer service and creativity that our clients deserve.

Tiny Update: Summer 2014 will also be bringing a tiny addition to the 818 family — Baby Abel. Congratulations to Rachel and Jared! I’ll keep ya’ll posted on the future 818 Baby Pool.  🙂

Thank you all!