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Summer Intern

Summer is just around the corner and things are changing at the Empire once again. We are saying farewell to our amazing spring Interns: Chandler Johannsen left in early May for a three month trip to Europe before her senior year at Iowa State University. Lu Lawrence...

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Every May term, Grand View University offers a trip abroad and because of 818's experience with environmental graphics and branding, paired with our alumni connection with the university, I was invited to attend this year's trip to Zhuhai, China with Grand View's...

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Tampa Bay Beer Week → DSMBW

Melissa just returned from a trip to the Tampa Bay area in Florida and summarizes her craft beer experience… Upon arrival just about anywhere, there are two things I tend to do… First, assemble a mixed 6-pack of what largely distributed beer is available in that area...

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Spring Interns

Things are changing around the 818 office once again, we hired two spring interns! Get to know them with a few This or That questions:   Coffee or tea? Coffee. Black or white? Black. Pepsi or Coke? Dr. Pepper. Early bird or night owl? Night Owl. Winter or summer?...

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Paige: Year One

A year ago, Friday we hired Paige Kleckner as a Designer and Director of Awesome.  We asked her a couple of questions to recap her first year at 818: Q: Who is your favorite coworker?  A: Barb the stuffed sloth because she just likes to hang out (and Melissa is making...

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Everyone knows how brutal Iowa winters can be. Thankfully, there is BrrrFest to look forward to every January. Last weekend we attended the 4th annual BrrrFest in Coralville, Iowa. This event promotes Midwest breweries and allows over 2,000 people to sample beer...

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Iowa Craft Beerd Calendar

Help us celebrate Iowa, craft beer and craft brewers’ impressive facial hair by participating in the 2015 Iowa Craft Beerd Calendar! We’re producing it for FREE and giving it away to brewers just to show our love and support of Iowa craft brewing. Our calendar will be...

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Raster vs. Vector

Have you ever heard your designer or printer refer to a graphic as a raster image or have you ever been asked to provide a vector version of a graphic? And, have you wondered exactly what those terms mean? We'll help clear up the difference! [spoon_separator...

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Menu Design

One of the most frequently used items in the restaurant and bar industry is the menu. A well-designed and organized menu is not only an extension of the establishment’s brand, but it is also a sales tool. Here are some tips when it comes to designing a successful...

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818 Taco Party!

If you know anything about 818, you know we have an exceptional love for tacos & beer (and of course design). We can't think of a better way to celebrate a bunch of rad things happening around the empire than with both of those things and you. Please join the tiny...

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Colorado for CBC 2014

818 just wrapped up a whirlwind Colorado brewery tour! The 2014 Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) was held in Denver, CO, just a 9-ish-hour drive away from Des Moines. What better time to explore the incredible Colorado brewing scene than with 9,000+ other brewing...

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Happy Holidays from 818

First and foremost, THANK YOU: Without awesome clients and great projects to put our creative energy into, 818 would not exist. Looking back on this first year has made us feel so blessed. What a privilege it is to be involved in the inner workings of so many locally...

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GFDA Visits Des Moines

Inspiration by the talents of Brian Buirge and Jason Bacher, co-founders of Good Fucking Design Advice, grace the walls of 818's Headquarters. When the guys announced on Twitter they were starting off their nation wide tour (#GFDAUSA) and would be driving through Des...

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HuxComm Golf Outing

818 was a sponsor for a golf outing for one of our clients, Huxley Communications. The whole team made it out to conquer the course on a beautiful day in Huxley, Iowa. While not all 818-ers are golf pros, we still had a blast. Networking, good weather and a healthy...

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The 48-Hr Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project took Des Moines by storm again this year - one weekend where creatives write, shoot, edit and score a film in 48 hours (see what it's all about here). Team Last To Enter has been a consistent participant in the event locally, making it big the...

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Art + Bikes

Bike Month occurs every May in Iowa and while there were many celebrations and festivities there is one in particular bike lovers and artists alike look forward to. PedalArt (formally known as ArtCrank) is a bicycle poster show showcasing original artwork from local...

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The Meaning of 818

Curious where the name 818 stemmed from? Well, here’s a list of the top reasons we landed on this name. Top 10 list: the meaning of 818 It’s an ambigram (or palindrome). What does that mean? It can be read in forward and reverse direction, as well as right-side up or...

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Straycation to Minnesota

Last weekend the tiny design empire took a trip up to Northern Iowa and Minnesota! It was our second 818 trip (the first being BrrFest) and we had a lot of items on the agenda. After a celebratory Friday night in Des Moines at both Confluence Brewing Co. and 515...

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Brrr Fest

What is there to do when it’s the middle of winter and 818 is getting tired of the cold? Go to a craft beer event! Melissa and I packed up last weekend for a trip to Coralville, Iowa to attend the 2nd annual Brrr Fest. Brrr Fest is an event that promotes Midwest...

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Designing A Dream

Melissa and I have talked about taking over the world (what we commonly refer to as going into business together) almost as long as we’ve known one another. So how did we get there? We met each other long after we knew about one another. We both interned at the same...

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