Curious where the name 818 stemmed from? Well, here’s a list of the top reasons we landed on this name.

Top 10 list: the meaning of 818

  1. It’s an ambigram (or palindrome). What does that mean? It can be read in forward and reverse direction, as well as right-side up or upside down. This is exciting as designers, as it brings many fun graphic opportunities.
  2. It’s the number of times we talked about taking over the world before we finally took the plunge and did it.
  3. It visually represents us as a partnership (the eights) with one common purpose between us – design solutions for our clients (the one).
  4. The meaning of the individual numbers speak to us. The number 8 is associated with a powerful drive to succeed, decision-making, seizing opportunity and is considered the highest feminine number. The number 1 is associated with independence, clear identity and values and taking on responsibility.
  5. Melissa and I share our wedding anniversaries (same day, different year) – both August, 18 (or 818).
  6. 8:18 is our favorite time for the bi-monthly 818 corporate meeting.
  7. It sounds better than 819.
  8. We think there are probably 818 billionaires in the world.
  9. This year the infamous Iowa State Fair will be August 8 – 18, 2013.
  10. When listed, our name is first because it’s a number which typically comes before letters.